Assembly & connecting

Assembly & connecting

Electronic products
with top connections

Do you want to join different components together in a largely automated process?<br/> Not a problem: Our integrated assembly lines precisely join components that belong together, mounting PCBs, racks and other parts to create complete electronic products.


  • Camera-aided tolerance compensation
  • Mechanical tolerance compensation
  • Feature inspection
  • Position correction
  • Pass/fail sorting
  • Pressing, mating, snap-fitting
  • Hot and cold caulking
  • Screwing
  • Laser welding
  • Friction and ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing
  • Press-fit connections

Together with our customers, we define the required assembly processes and design precisely fitting and customized assembly lines. Our starting point in the development of a customized assembly line is always the product and the associated product requirements. No matter how challenging a product is to handle, we will find the right solution that ensures quality and efficiency. We use proven technologies and processes, but always with the freedom to implement unconventional and new solutions. This is how durable and high-quality assembly lines are created that optimally support our customers in their production and take them a major step further.

Application examples assembly line

Camera-based joining of a flex PCB

For our customer in the automotive industry, we have developed an assembly line that includes the process of fully automated joining of a flex circuit board with plug-in connection, camera-supported with position correction and tolerance compensation.

With our integrated assembly lines, we precisely bring together the parts that belong together. We assemble printed circuit boards, housings and other components into complete electronic products.

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