Simple singulation

On our integrated assembly lines, we separate your PCBs precisely, safely and quickly with tried-and-tested technology, even in standalone mode if required.



  • In-line or standalone mode
  • A low-stress process
  • Change gripper systems
  • Dust extraction with ionization
  • Barcode scanner
  • Remote maintenance
  • Traceability
  • Standard ESD design
  • Panel uptake using vacuum systems, mechanical grippers and expanding pins
  • Tool breakage control, milling management
  • Ionization to prevent static discharge

Example system

High-volume automatic depaneling machine

Really fast singulation times for high production volumes with a saw or milling module The use of two or more tools at the same time is also possible.

Example system

High-flex automatic depaneling machine

A really flexible depaneling machine for the singulation of PCBs using an end mill. Simple tools and a fully automatic setup change solution mean that a broad product mix can be separated cost-effectively.

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