Separate with precision

Our depaneling machines separate your printed circuit boards precisely, safely and quickly from the PCB blank - regardless of material, size or contour. 
With proven technology and decades of know-how, we perform depaneling both in our integrated assembly lines and, if required, in stand-alone operation. We supply tailor-made automation solutions that are perfectly adapted to your requirements and production. 
For depaneling, we rely on the proven processes: Sawing and milling, also in combination. Our depaneling system High-Flex separates your printed circuit board blanks by means of a milling system. Thanks to an innovative gripper system, depaneling of small and medium series is fast and cost-effective. 
The depaneling system High-Volume offers the option to use a sawing and/or milling module as required. High production volumes can thus be processed quickly and efficiently. 
We offer you the optimum depaneling solution and your very own process automation for all PCBs and requirements. 



  • In-line or standalone mode
  • A low-stress process
  • Change gripper systems
  • Dust extraction with ionization
  • Barcode scanner
  • Remote maintenance
  • Traceability
  • Standard ESD design
  • Panel uptake using vacuum systems, mechanical grippers and expanding pins
  • Tool breakage control, milling management
  • Ionization to prevent static discharge

Example system

automatic depaneling machine

fast - precise - powerful.


The highly efficient High-Volume depaneler separates your PCB blanks quickly, efficiently and precisely. It is the ideal tool for processing high product volumes. The High-Volume depaneler allows the use of two or more tools (saw and/or milling module) simultaneously!

Shorter throughput times and higher productivity - no problem with the High-Volume depaneler.

Example system

automatic depaneling machine

flexible - reliable - cost-efficient.

The flexible depanelling system High-Flex, for depanelling printed circuit boards by means of end mills, offers you the flexibility you need for a large number of variants or for the production of small and medium-sized series. 
Thanks to the innovative concept of the High-Flex, PCB blanks are separated quickly, with low stress and precisely. The depaneling is done by a milling system using an end mill, so that any contours can be separated.
Thanks to simple tools and a fully automatic setup change, a large product mix can be separated economically.

To be able to process product variants, no complex and expensive change parts are required - the right gripper is enough! In this way, you keep the costs for change parts as low as possible with the High-Flex!




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