Inspection & testing

Inspection & testing

Play it safe!

Reliable inspection and testing processes can be integrated into our testing and assembly lines to ensure top product quality. These processes ensure that your products exactly meet your specifications.



Your benefits in the field of inspection and testing

Test specimen contacting from all sides

Top flexibility thanks to the possibility of subsequent upgrading and adjustment in line with new requirements

Step solution for multipanels

Fast adapter setup times

Compatibility with all popular test systems

Example system

Test Handler TCIL

Assure quality 
precise - robust - fast


With the TCIL test handler, you can ensure the quality of your products and take test automation and PCB testing to a new level. The TCIL from Pematech can be used, within a system in in-line operation, for in-circuit test, functional test and end-of-line test (EOL test). In addition, flash programming of printed circuit boards is possible with the TCIL. The contacting of the PCBs can be done from all sides. Depending on the TCIL configuration, it is also possible to test PCB panels segment by segment in step mode.

Always the right test automation for your product!

Hans Rohn, Sales




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