Testing lines

Testing lines for top quality

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Pematech testing lines ensure that your PCBs, electronic assemblies and devices fully meet your requirements for function and quality. Our made-to-measure testing lines are designed, produced and installed for your specific application as linear transfer systems, rotary transfer machines, robot cells, semi-automatic plants or special custom solutions. This means that you can depend upon really efficient, integrated and flexible production processes.


How you benefit from Pematech testing lines

turnkey solutions

Broad spectrum of assembly,
processing and testing cells

Seamless integration
of assembly and testing processes

Special solutions
for specific requirements


Fully integrated testing processes

A whole range of applications and processes can be seamlessly integrated and automated with Pematech testing and assembly lines.

Loading & unloading

There are various component feed systems for loading and unloading. Among other things, we use flex feeders and belt feeders, load and unload bulk goods, and use cardboard boxes, magazines and small load carriers.

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Handling & transport

Diverse handling and transport solutions such as belt conveyors and accumulating roller conveyors, pivoting gates, lift gates, turning stations and high-speed pusher transport

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Inspection & test automation

From in-circuit tests to function, haptic and climate testing as well as image processing, tightness testing and high-voltage tests

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In-line or standalone operation with low-stress processes, sawing and milling, change gripper systems and extraction with ionization

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Special components

We can also provide for special components such as odd-shaped components, THT components, LEDs, plugs, plastic parts, and special/press-fit connections.

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We can mark your components using laser, inkjet, pad or label printing.

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