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Software solutions for plant control

Pematech.LineManager: Your plant, always under control

With the Pematech LineManager you will find the right software solution tailored to your production line. LineManager acts as a link between your plant and your existing MES or takes over the function of an MES-lite.

In modern plant engineering, the topics of complete traceability and maximizing efficiency are of crucial importance. In manufacturing, MES and traceability solutions offer a holistic approach to improving production processes, ensuring product and component traceability, and increasing efficiency and quality. Here, each customer has different requirements and specifications that must be met.

With LineManager and the appropriate software modules, all process information of a production line can be recorded, visualized, secured and made transparent.

Depending on the configuration of the LineManager and the addition of the available modules, the following functions are possible and can be implemented::


  • Production control
    The LineManager offers a uniform control over the entire production line
  • Analysis
    All process information can be recorded, visualized, saved, made transparent and analyzed.
    • Order management
    • Material tracking
    • Machine and production data acquisition
    • Process data acquisition
  • Recipe management
    Predefined production parameters for different products can be easily created and modified.
  • Reporting
    User-defined evaluation of stored process, material and machine data.
  • Remote maintenance
    Remote maintenance of your Pematech system and customer support can be easily implemented at any time by means of a remote connection.
  • Online process visualization
    Process data in real time
  • User administration
    User groups and authorizations definable.


How you benefit from Pematech.LineManager

Modular design
for custom requirements

Convenient recipe service

Communication with higher-level
MES systems possible - can be used as an alternative to a standalone MES system


Modular structure for custom solutions

Pematech.LineManager consists of a base software core and various additional modules that can be used to extend the software to create a higher-level plant control solution.

In addition to the LineManager software and a Microsoft SQL Express database, the base module also includes the required hardware.

MES-Lite or MES-Connection

  • Traceability functions such as quality data capture and process interlocking
  • Ideal as an island solution specific to production lines if there is no cross-plant MES system or if the production location is not yet defined
  • Display interface for displaying line status, reports and diagrams
  • Data storage in a Microsoft SQL database

  • Connects the PLC with a higher-level ITAC MES system and communicates with this system via LineManager
  • Both manufacturer-specific functions and customer functions of API calls are possible
  • Programming using CustomFunctions on a high-level language basis
  • Implementation requires a detailed MES specification

  • Connects the PLC with a higher-level STIWA MES system and communicates with this system via LineManager
  • Both manufacturer-specific functions and customer functions of API calls are possible
  • Programming using CustomFunction on a high-level language basis
  • Implementation requires a detailed MES specification

LineManager Software Modules

  • The included Pematech.RECIPE.service module or recipe service is used for a central administration of the product-specific parameters over the entire production line. It reads and describes the machine parameters of the line, e.g. axis/teach values, test programs, etc. Furthermore, the controllers (PLCs) of the various plant sections use this data bidirectionally and initialize their parameters accordingly or save locally changed data back to the database/recipe. 
  • Central product parameter management system 
  • Easy creation of new recipes through copying, renaming and individual value adjustments
  • Transfer of teach values to recipes
  • Management of product families 

  • For database queries via an Internet interface
  • Open interface for Pematech.LineManager that can meet all requirements

  • In order to be able to transfer your data easily and in the appropriate file format to third-party systems or devices, we offer the DataLogger module. It allows the specific output of data and values in various formats such as csv file, XML, etc. You define in advance which data sets and values you need and the DataLogger module generates the appropriate file for you.  

  • For product identification within the scope of trace requirements.
  • Generation of a consecutive serial number, depending on requirements with additional contents such as date, line no. etc.
  • Storage and matching in the database ensures that no duplicates are assigned

  • With our DAT module you can evaluate all data of a line. Statistical evaluations of tester data, process data, line data and other data can be evaluated and displayed individually or over a period of time, depending on your needs and requirements. You have several options here, for example, the data can be displayed as time interval specifications or in a Pareto evaluation.

  • You need a special module or a special adaptation? We create customized software solutions for you and your use case.

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