Test fixtures & Test technology

Tested and found to be good

With the test fixtures from Pematech GmbH, you can achieve high test quality with short handling times. The test fixtures are optimally matched to our test cells

To ensure top quality and perfect function in PCBs, electronic assemblies and devices, these products are subjected to requirement-specific quality and function tests with the latest test engineering equipment. This takes place as required during the production process or after successful production and assembly.

End-of-line test systems enable reliable function testing of finished products and assemblies. A combination of a function test and in-circuit test is also possible without any problems at all. In an ICT test, PCBs or electronic assemblies are contacted and checked for defects in the conductor path as well as for soldering and component defects.


  • Image processing
  • Leak test
  • High-frequency test (HFT)
  • High-voltage test (HVT)
  • Flash (programming)


Testing and production expertise from a single source

  • Optimal coordination of Pematech test adapters and Pematech testing cells with regard to precision and test cycle times  
  • A contacting solution from a single source: Test adapter and transport system (incl. goods carrier) are optimally coordinated
  • A company with a high vertical range of manufacture: Project management, design, assembly, wiring and quality management from a single source
  • Technically sophisticated test adapter structure with regard to precision and service time
  • If required: Equipping test adapters with additional electronics 
  • If desired: Customer stores for fast processing times
  • Equipping test adapters for end device testing with additional function tests (camera, microphone, loudspeaker etc.)

Needle adapters

High testing quality with fast handling times

High testing quality with fast handling times - Pematech's test adapters are perfectly tailored for use with Pematech testing cells. In many cases, they can also be used in the testing cells of other providers.

Pematech testing cells for line operation can be used flexibly for in-circuit tests as well as function and end tests for PCBs, electronic assemblies and devices. The contacting of the PCBs can take place on one side, on both sides, or in a step for multipanels. All components are optimally tailored to each other and can be integrated into custom testing and assembly lines.

Our testing cells have a servo-driven toggle lever press and are available with or without pushers. They enable fast handling times of less than 5 seconds per step with a maximum of 3,060 test points.

Test adapters for end devices

Test adapters for end devices

Pematech test adapters enable safe function testing for end devices including the following tests:

  • Button testing and rotary control actuations  
  • Audio test  
  • Load simulation 
  • Connector contacts 
  • Visual check of end devices through integration of a camera system 

Toolkit for testing lines

Toolkit for testing lines

Product-specific Pematech toolkits for the testing lines consist of the following, among other things:

  • Grippers for depaneling 
  • Grippers for palletizing 
  • Goods carriers 
  • Test adapters for in-circuit and function tests and the programming (flashing) of test specimens 
  • Other product-dependent interchangeable parts for the testing line 

Test box

Test boxes & drawer adapters

Pematech can supply you with test boxes and drawer adapters for a wide variety of application scenarios, e.g.:

  • Manual insertion and removal of test specimens for end device checks Modular design for a subsequent automation solution (optional) 
  • Contacting of test specimen possible from all directions 
  • Incorporation of additional electronics and antennas in test chamber 
  • HF test chamber thanks to use of special materials and seals 
  • Designed for the use of interchangeable parts and adapters for different test specimen variants 
  • Integration of customer-specific interfaces to the test system

Special contacting

Special contacting

Pematech offers you a wide range of special contacting types for custom inspection tasks, e.g.:

  • Inspection tasks for pressure checks/tightness tests 
  • High current contacting 
  • Contacting for communication connectors (USB, RJ45, TAE etc.) 
  • HF contacting 
  • Product-specific development of manual test adapters 
  • Custom contacting solutions for shielded HF test boxes 


Daniel Kappes, Head of test fixtures & test technology



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