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High-Volume depaneling machine


The High-Volume depaneling machine from Pematech is the perfect solution for separating your PCB blanks quickly, efficiently and precisely. Designed for in-line use, the High-Volume is the ideal choice when you need to handle high production volumes. With this device, you can achieve shorter throughput times and higher productivity - the High-Volume depanelling machine makes it possible!


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Depaneling machine high-flex


The depaneling machine High-Flex from Pematech GmbH. This flexible depanelling system offers you the necessary flexibility for a large number of variants or for the production of small and medium series.



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With the Pematech LineManager you will find the right software solution tailored to your production line. LineManager acts as a link between your production line and your existing MES or takes over the function of an MES-lite. In modern production line engineering, the topics of complete traceability and maximizing efficiency are of decisive importance. MES and traceability solutions offer a holistic approach to manufacturing to improve production processes, ensure product and component traceability, and increase efficiency and quality. Here, each customer has different requirements and specifications that must be met. With LineManager and the appropriate software modules, all process information of a production line can be recorded, visualized, secured and made transparent.



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Test Handler

With Pematech's TCIL test cell, you can ensure the quality of your products and take test automation and PCB testing to a whole new level. Our test handler offers a wide range of options to ensure that your products are defect-free and meet the highest quality standards.

Pematech's TCIL can be used in-line within a facility to perform in-circuit testing, functional testing, and end-of-line (EOL) testing. In addition, the TCIL enables flash programming of PCBs, with contacting of PCBs from all sides. Depending on the TCIL configuration, it is also possible to test printed circuit boards segment by segment in step mode.

In other words, our TCIL test cell offers you a comprehensive, reliable and efficient system for quality assurance of your products. If you are looking for a high-quality test cell that can perform all the tests you need, you have come to the right place.

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Multilevel test cell ML-TCIL

The ML-TCIL multilevel test cell offers the possibility of using up to 8 pneumatic or 6 servo contact units simultaneously. All test procedures can be the same, i.e. only function test (FCT), in circuit test (ICT) or flash programming, or different procedures can be used simultaneously. In this way, the ML-TCIL offers maximum output and maximum variety with maximum compactness.

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Magazine loader MCIL

The magazine station is used for loading and unloading printed circuit boards. In operation as
a „loader“, printed circuit boards are fed to the test line. In „Unloader“ mode, tested PCBs are removed from the line and deposited in the magazine. Our magazine station is adaptable to all industry standard magazines. The MCIL magazine loader checks the correct position of the PCB panels and the magazine interlock and opens them if necessary.

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Logistics modules

Our logistics modules ensure that your products are always in the right place at the right time during the production process. We integrate four different modules into the process to ensure a perfect fit. The lift (DML), the Rotary switch (DMT) and the parallel switch (DMP) distribute the workpieces, workpiece carriers and PCBs. The turning station (DMF) is used, for example, when PCBs need to be turned over during the production process.

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In-Circuit-Test (ICT), Functional Test(FCT), depaneling and laser marking - with our individually designed and manufactured tenning and test line our customer can test, separate and mark printed circuit boards quickly and precisely.


Shortest cutting times for a high production volume with saw or milling module. The use of two or more tools at the same time is possible.


For our customer operating in the automotive industry, we have developed an assembly line that includes the process of fully automated joining of a flex PCB with a plug-in connection, camera-supported with position correction and tolerance compensation.


Inline PCB testing using the example of two stations for in-circuit and functional testing.



Handling DBC substrates / ceramic circuit boards
When handling DBC substrates (also known as DCB substrates or ceramic PCBs), precision and sensitivity are of paramount importance! To realize this, we use vacuum suction pads, for example. However, the careful handling of parts must also go hand in hand with a fast cycle time. In order to meet both requirements in equal measure, we use a dynamic application that can maintain very short cycle times using linear axes with direct drives.


Fast, faster, high-speed - 8-fold palletizing
For our customer in the automotive industry, we developed a combination of testing, laser marking, depaneling and palletizing for the processing of an ultrasonic sensor. The cycle time requirement was extremely short at only 0.4 seconds. In order to meet the given requirements, an 8-fold depaneling and 8-fold palletizing system was implemented in the customized system - high speed!


EOL testing - ensuring quality and performance

For one of our customers in the automotive industry, we implemented an EOL test with 6 simultaneous stations at the end of a production line that includes depaneling, press-fitting connectors and inserting PCBs into housings. By using a robot, the control units, which have been tested for their overall functionality, are intelligently replaced in order to meet the fast cycle times.

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Here you will find exciting case studies and application reports on industrial automation with Pematech GmbH.


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